The trip continues!

After a couple of weeks rest in Eforie Nord we are ready to travel again! Kelly is recovered quite good and although she can’t wear a backpack yet, she feels good enough to travel! That makes us sitting in the train to Bucharest right now.

Last days we needed to take care of a couple of things, because we wanted to pick up the travelling again, but we can only use one backpack! The tent, sleeping gear and cooking stuff was already taken back to the Netherlands by Kelly’s mom, when she visited Kelly in the hospital. But now we needed it again! So, the family sent us a package with the stuff we needed and we had to search out all our stuff to check what we could send back home.
The package from the Netherlands was arriving a couple of days later than expected, because the delivery company couldn’t find the address! Finally, we let the cleaner call with this company (in Romanian language) to explain where the apartment was situated. An hour later the cleaner waved at us that we needed to walk with her to another hotel. It seemed that the delivery company was able to find this place, but still not our apartment! Anyway, it worked out well and we received our equipment just in time!
We also had to send some things back to the Netherlands, because it was too much to fit all in one backpack. At the postoffice they didn’t speak any English, so after I finally understood that I had to pack the package again in some kind of paper, with a rope around it like a present, that I had to write the sender and destination information twice, and after I represent with hands and feet what was in the package, it was sent away! Finally, freed of this 12kg package!


We can continue our trip now with all the things we need with just one backpack. First we will spend a couple of days more in Bucharest, so we can see more of it than just the hospital…
After Bucharest we will head to the North of Romania to an area called ‘The Maramures’. The nature is beautiful over there and it is very special, because the traditional way of living is still conventional over there. After this, we will finally cross the Romanian border to Hungary! In Hungary we will visit the capital city, Budapest, the Balaton lake and some more places we cross on our way.
From Hungary we will travel to Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Slowakia, Poland Czech Republic and then we will travel back home to the Netherlands. All by hitchhiking! We need a little time home to gear up our bikes before we are heading to Iceland on 7th of August!


But at first… We go to the concert of the Kings of Leon tonight!!!!  Yeahhhh!!!


So please keep on following our blogs, vlogs and pictures to keep on updated about our adventures in these countries!

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