Camping on the road of the roads!

When we arrived in Bucharest we just had time to drop the backpack in the studio we booked, before we went to the concert of the Kings of Leon! This concert was in the National Arena and this was such a beautiful place! It’s only opened since 2011, so it’s very new and stylish! The concert was awesome!

The next day we spent some time in the city Bucharest. It was raining all day long and we were so happy with our raincoats! As we didn’t have another choice than just being outside and visit the city, we were making the best of it and we were dancing in the rain! We saw some abandoned buildings, fountains and a lot more!

The next day we needed to go to the hospital for the last check-up after Kelly’s surgery. At first, the doctor thought there was a new cyst, so we got a little scared. After a second opinion of another doctor they knew it wasn’t! Pfieuwww! When we left the hospital we went to the Parliamentary palace, the third biggest building of the world! That night we returned to this building to make some night-shots, awesome with all these colored fountains in front of it!

The next morning we left early, because we needed to pick-up some pathological results from the hospital. It seemed the system broke down and they couldn’t find the results of any particularly patient! They didn’t know how long it would take to solve this problem, so after waiting more than two hours, we decided to leave our e-mailaddress and we could continue our trip. We had a long way to go, because today we wanted to go to the Transfagarasan! This is the most beautiful road of Europe and used by topgear to test their cars! Awesome! This road is closed during winters, but it was opened since last Friday, we were lucky! From Bucharest we had a lift straight to Pitesti. From there on we had a lift to a place called Curtea de Arges. To get a little further in the direction of the Transfagarasan we wanted to get a lift a little bit further North. Some old grandpa picked us up and dropped us in front of his house. He thought we would like it to go inside, but we turned this request off properly.. We walked a little bit further on the 7C (The road which will change into the Transfagarasan) and then a couple took us all the way up there! This couple was on their way home from their honeymoon! They were very cute and took pictures all over the road, which gave us the same opportunity! When we were on the top op this road and could literally look over the top down to the other side we told them we would stay here for the night. As the snow wasn’t molten yet and by night it could get quite cold, this couple told us to check in one of the hotels if there was a room available, but we decided to camp here! 
We set up the tent, took some fresh glacier water to cook us a meal, walked a little round through this incredible place and went to sleep. With the sound of the waterfall on the background we both needed to pie after just a little while! Get out of the tent again, with our headlights on, toilet paper under our arm and just in the middle of this area we sat down to pie. Suddenly we heard a noise and we thought someone was coming our way! Quick, put these headlights off! Haha, guess we made it without being seen by someone, but we’re still not sure yet! Anyway, we went back to the tent and were able to sleep now. When we woke up the clouds were all hanging low and we couldn’t see the top of the mountain. So glad we took pictures the previous day! 
Well, now the challenge began.. After we packed the tent and everything we needed to go down to the city. This road isn’t very busy and we were standing aside of the road already for 20 minutes without any car passed us.. So we just kept on laughing, we were dancing on this empty side of the road and then suddenly.. A car passed! Thumbs up and smile! But no.. They were fully packed and unfortunately not able to pick us up. Some other cars passed but still no one stopped for us. One hour and eight cars later we had a hit! A Romanian couple took us down, yeahh! They didn’t speak any word English and called someone so they were able to check where we needed to go. It was to another direction where we needed to go, so they just dropped us on the crossing at the end of the 7C. We weren’t very sad that they couldn’t take us further, as we both were nauseous because of this driver. With the speed he took all those sharp turns! Anyway, we were glad we survived and we could get out of that car! From there on we wanted to get a lift to Sibiu, but we were lucky! After just 2 minutes, a Swedish boy turned over his car and he brought us all the way to Alba Iulia, our final destination of today. This guy drove all the way fom Sweden to Bucharest in 6 days (over 4.000 kilometeres) and was returning to Sweden now. He was very happy with our company after spending all this time alone in the car!

So.. We are in Alba Iulia right now. The next two days we will rent a car to visit the sunken city in Lupsa Geamana and we will go to the Maramures in the North of Romania. On our way back to Alba Iulia we will stop in Sighisoara, which is Dracula’s hometown! From Alba Iulia we will head straight to Budapest in Hungary! 

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