3 days of adventure (part 1)

– Part 1 of 3 –

It seems already a long time ago, but 3 days ago we rented a car in Alba Iulia for a roadtrip through the Maramures. It is just a very uncrowded area in Romania, so there is no public transport and it would probably take too much time if we would go there by hitchhiking. Anyway, we had a great day behind us and saw a creepy lake near Alba Iulia. Underneath this lake there used to be a village. Late 1970’s they found out this area is very rich with copper. The government needed a place to dump the toxic waste and just doomed this city in valley to be a lake. The only thing left is the tower of the church which is rising above the red water. The water turned red, green, grey, white and even yellow when we drove around, but it was never blue!

By the end of the day we found us a place to set up the tent. It was a little down the road and we drove the car through this fully-grown grass field. When we laid down in the tent for just a couple of minutes we looked at each other because we both heard the same scary sound… The sound of footsteps! It was quite hot and we were just dressed a little, so we scared the hell out and put on our vest and long trousers! We made quite some noise but we still heard this sound of footsteps. We didn’t really know what to do so we took our knife and went outside. You probably already guess what there was… Just nothing! We used our lights to brighten up the area, but there was just nothing… Except for the high grass and the tent which rubbed against each other and made this annoying noise which sounded like footsteps! Pffff was it true? We really scared the hell out because of the grass and the tent? We went back inside but couldn’t put this sound out of our heads. It really sounded the same as footsteps. We tried to sleep, but kept looking at each other until the point we said: ‘Ok, let’s go!’ So, we threw all our equipment in the car and wanted to get out of here as fast as possible. But in the dark, it was a lot harder to see where we were driving through this high grass full with ditches and mud. The car was slipping all the time and at a certain moment we even smelled the rubber of the wheels. After some time, we made it to get out and drove through a small village to park the car and just sleep inside the vehicle.

Luckily we weren’t disturbed and could sleep quite well! New day, new chances!

Read more tomorrow for part 2!

  • All there is left from the town under this lake is this tower of the church

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