3 days of adventure (part 3)

Part 3 of 3 (Please click here for part 1 or here for part 2)

Next morning, we woke up and went just outside Baia Mare, to try to get a lift to the border. We were just standing beside the road for a couple of minutes when a little cargo Van stopped over. We were holding a sign with Satu Mare, which is on the Romanian border and he asked us where we wanted to go today. We told him with a little smile that we wanted to go to Budapest and it seemed to be our lucky day! This man was driving all the way to France and would stop in Budapest! Jippieyajee! He opened the back of the Van, which was quite some work, as it was a kind of a curtain, kept on its place with ropes. Anyway, he managed to get the backpack in there and there we go! On our way to Budapest! After just one hour the driver started to complain about pain on the left side of his chest. Every minute it was getting worse and he started sweating and said swearing in Romanian language. He told us he would go to the hospital in the next city. We were looking at each other and thought the same thing: If he gets a heart attack, first get his foot off the accelerator pedal, try to steer to the right side of the road, turn on the safety lights and try to break with the hand brake. Thank God, we arrived at the hospital safely. The driver just got out of the car and told us to get the backpack out of the back by ourselves and before we could even say something, he ran inside the hospital. It took a little while, but we made it to get the backpack out of the Van and closed it properly again. We left the driver a little note on his window with our phone number, so he could let us know how it all ended. We tried to get out of town and walked a little. It seemed to be further than we thought, so we went in a bus to get there a little faster. As soon as the bus driver looked at us as if he knew we didn’t had a ticket, we went out again! We walked a little further and had a sign again waiting for someone to pick us up. Suddenly we got an incoming call of an unknown number. We answered it and it seemed to be our previous driver! He told us everything was ok and he was able to drive again! He asked us where we were and wanted to pick us up again. That was so sweet of him that we decided to wait for him!
He told us he had an infection in his nerve, but in the hospital he got an injection and it was all getting better. He seemed to be a totally different person relieved from the pain! He had some other medications too and this would help him to get better soon! We arrived around 23.00 in Budapest, so he decided to drop us just in front of our couch surfing address. A few minutes later he called us to check if we were inside and if we were all ok. This man is really amazing and we will never forget him!

What a day, what a ride!


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