We arrived in Budapest very late and were lucky to have a very nice ‘couchsurf address’. Couchsurfing is a worldwide network of travelers who are willing to share their house for free with other travelers for one or a couple of nights. It is really nice traveling this way, because you meet the local people and even live with them for a little while. In Budapest we slept in Daniels house and next morning he took us into town to show us a very special castle and told us all about it. It is special because it is built in all different styles and it’s a copy of different castles which you can find in Hungary and also in Romania. It seems weird to have a copy of a Romanian castle in Hungary, but the part where the castle stands in Romania used to be part of Hungary until the end of world war 1. Daniel gave me some very handy tips for photographing and I could use these tips right away to take pictures of the castle! 

Afterwards we went into town by ourselves and walked a lot! In total we walked about 27 km to see all the sights. We saw the hero square, the chain bridge, the fisherman’s bastion, the Matthias church, the parliamentary building and so much more! Did you know the Danube splits Budapest in two parts: ‘Buda’ and ‘Pest’. The Buda side is hilly and the Pest side is all flat. On both sides there are a lot of sights and there are several bridges which connect the two sides with each other.

We came to know my cousin was also in town that day! We met in the evening and drank a beer with Lauren and her friends. It was really nice seeing them and chat about our adventures. Thanks for the beers girls!

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