Balaton lake

After spending two days in Budapest we wanted to relax a little bit at the Balaton lake. We took a bus and a tram to get out of the city and found us a nice place for hitchhiking. It didn’t take long before we had a hitch! A very nice car with airconditioning which was a real present on this warm day. The man who drove us to the Balaton lake was going to visit some colleagues who were joining a sailing competition. The harbor where he needed to be was in Siofok, so we decided Siofok was the place to be! He dropped us in the centre of this town located on the shore of the Balaton lake. When we entered Siofok we saw camp side-signs everywhere so we didn’t think it was hard to find a place to sleep. But it seemed these camp sides were quite some distance outside the city centre! When we tried to take a bus (without paying for it) the bus driver got very angry and we needed to get out of the bus again. Bummer! This meant we need to pay a lot of money for a little journey (about €1,50 per person for a 5 km drive) or we needed to walk. At the end, we decided to walk in the middle of this very warm day with a backpack.. It wasn’t very comfortable, so we stopped now and then to rest a little bit. When we were half way the camp side which we checked out on internet, we passed some kind of garden from someone. In this garden a couple of tents were set up. As we didn’t want to walk anymore we knocked on the door to check if it was possible for us to put up our tent here. An old lady came outside and called her daughter to communicate in English. They asked us over €10,- per night! For nothing! No shower, no toilet, no swimming pool, not near the lake and we decided that we just needed to walk a little further. After 1,5 hour we arrived at the camp side and we decided to save some money to check in just one person and a tent. We saw each other on an agreed spot and set up the tent. First thing we did after, was changing clothes to our bikini and went to the lake straight away! Sooooo good to swim when you are feeling sooooooo hot! After we tried to get some wifi, but this isn’t easy at all in Hungary. It is not very developed yet, but we found a spot. We had to buy an ice cream before we got the password, but we didn’t really care about that haha. 

We stayed for two nights at the Balaton lake and we liked it a lot! This lake is very beautiful, very very big and very clean. With the mountains on the other side you had some beautiful views, especially with sunsets.

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