After two and a half day at the Balaton lake we were recharged enough to travel further. We checked on google maps for a good spot for hitchhiking. We needed to walk 20 minutes, but just when we were almost there we saw a big fence which blocked our way to the road we wanted to go. We walked aside the fence to check if there was an opening so we could get through. After about 500 meters there was a petrol station, a perfect place for hitchhiking, but still the fence was between us and that petrol station. We tried to climb over it, but it was too weak (it was just nettings with barbed wire on top). When we looked closer, there was a hole in the fence, closed by a separate part which we could loosen so we were able to go through the fence! We managed to get it open and finally we were at the petrol station. We were standing there for 30 minutes and just a couple of cars stopped over, so it didn’t seem a really busy place and certainly not a good place to get a hitch! We just asked someone if he could drop us at the next petrol station which was hopefully a little busier! He was very kind to do so and we were glad we were out of this place.

At the next petrol station, there were quite a lot more cars and we expected to find somebody soon. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to be so easy. A lot of cars passed by, but nobody seemed really feel like picking us up. After quite some time we had more luck and a camper Van stopped! It was a guy from England and the steering wheel was on the right side! It was a big mess in the camper, but anyway, we were very glad we could join him during his trip in Europe and he was going straight to Zagreb! Perfect!
At the border between Hungary and Zagreb there was a control and the border security checked all the cars. Our driver didn’t seem to like this too much, because he started swearing that they couldn’t do this, as Europe has open borders and it was against the law etc., etc… We felt like he was hiding something and we didn’t know what to do. We had our passports ready and he was looking for his passport too. The border security wanted to check in the Van, but once they stepped in and saw the mess they were quite fast out of the Van again. Luckily nothing happened and we could continue our trip.

Once arrived in Zagreb he dropped us in the middle of the town and from there it was just a five-minute walk to our couchsurfing host. When we knocked the door, Alex opened it and from the first minute it felt like we were home. He was very kind, cheerful and told a lot of interesting stories about Zagreb, the town where he was born and raised! In the evening, he took us out for a walk through the city and we saw quite some highlights. Like the St. Mark’s Church and the Cathedral.

Next morning, we had an appointment with someone we knew from Instagram! We saw on her account that she was also in Zagreb and it seemed nice to both of us to meet and tell each other all our travel stories! We met at a local place and had a delicious breakfast with good talks!

After we went to the Mirogoj cemetery of Zagreb. This is an interesting place, because it looks so beautiful with very high bows all covered in green leaves. The graves are very beautiful and there are some very old ones, which is interesting to check out.

We went back to the city center and did some more sightseeing and then went to one of Zagreb’s city parks. It was a warm day and the sun was shining a lot, so we just wanted to chill in the sun and cool off by the sprinkling fountains.

In the evening, Alex cooked us a meal and we went to bed early. Next day we needed to wake up around 4.30 am to catch the bus to Plitvice national park!

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