Stuck in Italy

As soon as we woke up we got dressed, went to the petrol station to use the toilet and brush our teeth and visited the supermarket to buy water and bread. Actually, we did this every morning during our stay in the caravan, but today we didn’t go to the beach, but we stood aside the road to get a lift to Venice in Italy! It was just a two-hour drive from Koper, the place in Slovenia where we stayed, so we wanted to do a daytrip to the city of love. After about half an hour a car stopped and we could join them until Trieste, a city just over the Italian border. As soon as we got into the car these people asked us where we needed to go and we told them we wanted to go to Venice. It seemed this couple just needed to stop in Trieste to pick up a rental car and then went on to Venice!
Once in Trieste we tried to get a hitch to Venice, but unfortunately after an hour we didn’t had any luck. We went back to the car of this couple who already brought us to Trieste, because we could drive with them to Venice airport.
So finally at Venice airport we thought to catch a bus to the city center. We wanted to buy a ticket but this seemed to be €8,-! Per person! We definitely weren’t going to pay that amount of money just to get into the city center, so we walked back to the main road, put our thumbs up and waited for someone to bring us to the city center. Luckily this didn’t take long, so at about 1 pm we were finally in Venice!

We walked around and saw all kind of highlights: …, besides that we loved wondering through the narrow streets and of course we ate an ice cream! We ended our day with pizza and pasta and then tried to hitch back to Slovenia.
Actually, we had a lift quite soon to get off the Venice island. We told this driver that we needed to go back to Slovenia and he told us that he knew a good place for hitchhiking that direction. When the car stopped, we were standing at a petrol station. Indeed, there were a lot of trucks and even more cars, but… This petrol station was on the wrong side of the high way! The driver told us to just cross the road to the other side and there we were able to get a lift. We were looking at each other and thought the same: ‘What the hell?!’ 
So, we got out of the car and came to the conclusion soon that it was no option to cross a 5-lane high way where cars have speeds up to 140km an hour! So just asked people at the petrol station if they could drop us at the next town so we were able to turn around in the direction of Venice again!

One family was very kind and wanted to do this for us. When we told our story they kind of felt bad for us and told us they would drop us at a good place. They needed to pay the toll fees twice, because they had to turn around again to maintain their way to Milan. So they dropped us at a tollway station where the road split: one road in the direction of Venice and one way in the direction of Milan. It was already 8.30 pm and we were waiting and waiting and waiting. It wasn’t a busy road and 90% of the people who used the road went to Milan! As our backpack was still in Slovenia, we didn’t have the choice to go to Milan instead of back to Slovenia. So we just waited more and after more than 2 hours, when it was already dark, we still stood there on that tollway station. Nothing with us, because it was meant to be a daytrip! Out of a sudden we saw blue lights of a police car, we stepped aside, because we thought it was in a hurry. Apparently, it just stopped next to us and two police officers were getting out of the car. They told us we couldn’t stand here and we needed to leave. We asked them how we needed to leave, as we were standing on the middle of the high way without a car. We hoped they would take us to the next petrol station, but no… They didn’t want to take us in their car and told us to cross the 10-gate tollway to the road in the other direction, then walk aside the highway on the emergency lane and get off the road at the next exit. 

Ok?! So, we have to walk over the emergency lane, in the dark, where cars cross with more than 140 km an hour?
Police told us just to be careful and left. So, we had no other choice and started walking, first crossed the 10-gate tollway, then went to the emergency lane and walked over a kilometer to the next exit.
Now we were standing in the middle of an abandoned small city, no traffic lights to light-up the streets, no traffic, just the night and us. The phone battery almost died, so we decided to check for the nearest train station rather than use it as a flashlight. We needed to walk 6 kilometers to the train station, but it was in the middle of the night and the last train was long gone.

When we crossed a roundabout, a sign pointed in the direction of Venice. We had two options: wait at the train station and do nothing or just try to get a hitch to Venice from this roundabout. We chose the second one. Actually, one of the first cars who passed stopped for us and he told us he wasn’t going to Venice, but he would know a good place for hitchhiking. We were glad to get out of here and stepped in the car. When the car stopped, we couldn’t believe what was happening… We stood on the tollway again! We told the driver what happened before and that we weren’t allowed to stand here. He felt sorry and took us back into the little town. He brought us to the train station and we decided just to wait for the first train. By that time, it was 00.40 am and we went inside the train station. It was getting cold and all we had was just our tank top and short trousers. We found a place to sit inside the train station, but when we just settled down the guard came to tell everyone the train station was closing. We were taken outside, together with the homeless people and that was the point we really felt like we had some bad luck today. We tried to find a spot without wind, but it felt like the wind was everywhere. To keep us warm we made some fun by doing exercises. We tried to figure out the weirdest things to do to keep warm. What else could we do besides waiting until 5.00 am for the first train?

Finally, the train was leaving! We hoped it would be a little warmer in the train, but they turned on the A.C. already. We needed to switch trains at Venice station and then went straight to Trieste. From there we took a bus to Koper in Slovenia and finally, at 10.00am we were back in the trailer. Instead of sleeping, we dressed in our bikini and went to the beach. The weather was so good today and we finally warmed up a little bit. We slept at the beach and when we woke up we could laugh about this adventure. Yes… This can also happen when you are hitchhiking.

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