Slovenia: a small country, but it has everything

After spending a couple of days in the trailer in Koper, doing some daytrips and relaxing at the beach, it was time to continue our trip. Again we were standing aside the road, the same road as when we wanted to go to Venice. This time we had a sign with ‘Ljubljana’ and within a couple of minutes a car stopped over. These two guys were going there for work and took us with them. We told the driver about our travels and he couldn’t believe his ears. The hospital, the Italy adventure, two girls hitchhiking through Europe and travelling the world. He was very kind and gave us his number so we could always call him if anything was wrong. He dropped us at a road towards the Bled lake, our destination for today. Hitchhiking went very well and also at this spot we were picked up very soon. An old man didn’t say a lot, but he dropped us 300 meters from the lake, which was more than perfect!

We dropped the backpack in a hotel and went up hill towards the castle. From there we had a beautiful view over the lake. It was bloody hot that day and we were glad to make it to the top. We enjoyed the sun for a while and then went down again. We picked up the backpack, dressed into our bikinis and went to the lake. We swum between the fishes in the blue water. For diner, we cooked us a pasta with the gas stove we had with us. At the end of this lovely day we just needed to get a lift for 15 kilometers to our couchsurf address. The sign wasn’t even finished yet when we were already picked up by an old international freestyle skier! Cool!

Tomorrow we would leave Slovenia, the country we really really enjoyed. This small country, with its small coastline, huge mountains and beautiful nature surprised us in a good way. Anyway tomorrow we would go to Vienna, Austria!

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