We had a tour from Lorenzo through the city. He showed us the castle Schonbrunn, the Karlskirche, The hundertwasserhaus and he dropped us at the main square near the Stephansdom.
We wandered around this beautiful church and visited some other highlights in the city. In the evening we went back to the hotel, waiting for Lorenzo to go home.
Next morning Lorenzo made us the best kaiserschmarrn ever! This is a delicious dish which Nanet used to eat when she was skiing in Austria. It looks a little like pancake, but than thicker and fluffier. During the day we went to a flea market which we really like to see! All these things people sell, that you are really thinking: how did they get all this stuff? After the market we wanted to see the street arts near the Danube. It just started to rain when we were walking aside of the river, which crosses Vienna. We found some shelter under a bridge and when we looked around to the other people who found a shelter here we saw a man sitting on his self-blew airbed with his bike behind him. We walked towards him to ask him if he was cycling the world and instead of just a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ he told us his whole interesting story!

Masterix (which is a merge of his real name and his idol Asterix) found his wife with his boss back in 2008. He decided to divorce her right away. Just 3 days after the divorce was definite his ex-wife called him to ask Masterix if he could forgive her, because her lover left her and she wanted to come back to him! He was furious! He was totally done with everything, so he packed his stuff, took €350,- and called his ex-wife that he was leaving and she could do with his stuff whatever she liked. Hang up the phone, crushed the sim card and left. He cycled from Germany to the Netherlands and as he told us: ‘The first coffee shop was mine!’.

Since that moment, he is cycling around the world, cycled over 15.000 kilometers and uses his 11th bike already! A couple of days ago his documents and money were stolen so he needs to live on the streets. It can take a couple of weeks before he can continue his trip and until that time he will sleep under this bridge. He didn’t really seem to care about it, he just told us that someone puts a baguette next to him during the night, so he has breaksfast every morning. He can use the toilet at the gas station and doesn’t need much. ‘Just a beer now and then would be lovely’, he said with a smile on his face.

These kind of people are an inspiration for us. Although we’re not looking forward to the times Masterix lives in right now, he shows us how important it is to stay positive. As he said: ‘Everything will be all right and then I’m going to cycle to Poland, Check Republic, Denmark, Scandinavia and finally to Iceland! I am really looking forward to it!’

After an hour, we continued our trip through Vienna. We won’t forget Masterix soon, maybe never!

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