400 km in 14 hours

When you read the title of this blog you probably think we were cycling, or running real fast, or maybe stepping, but the truth is we drove these 400 kilometers by car. The thing is it wasn’t our own car and it wasn’t just one car. We were hitchhiking!

We left Bled. Or no… We wanted to leave Bled and we wanted to cross the Slovenian border to Austria. But it wasn’t that easy! We left early, around 8.30 am. We searched for a good spot for hitchhiking, on the main road near a bus stop, so people could stop over for us. Altough we knew all these people passing by were going in the direction we wanted to, nobody stopped. We were waiting there for more than 90 minutes when a woman walked by and askes us where we wanted to go. We told her we wanted to go to Austria and her answer was to try to get a hitch in the other direction to a town nearby. From there everyone would go to Austria and so we did. Luckily it didn’t take that long to get away in the other direction and we were dropped at a petrol station a couple of kilometers before the border. We were standing there again aside the road with a sign … which is a village just over the Austrian border. Again it took a long while before someone came over to us that it would be better to walk a little further to the next crossing. A lot of Austrian people visited the casino over there, so we did. Again holding the sign and in a couple of minutes we were picked up by an old couple. Although it was over 30 degrees outside and they had air conditioning in the car, they didn’t turn it on, so it was bloody hot! Luckily the ride didn’t take that long and we were dropped near a supermarket so we could buy new water!

Finally we crossed the border (just 40 km from where we left today). It was already beginning of the afternoon. Out of a sudden the sky was turning really grey and it started to rain!! Not just a couple of drups, no, real rain and thunderstorm! With our rain coats on and a soaked sign we were soooo glad when someone stopped over to take us out of town on to the highway to a petrol station. Soaked as we were, he didn’t mind and, thank you so much!!

At the petrol station we just had some light rain, we made a new sign and tried to get a hitch into the direction of the next big city: Graz. Smiling to everyone didn’t seem to matter so much, again it took us over 2 hours to get away from that petrol station! At some point we were really asking if we would even reach Vienna today… Anyway, we were gone from this petrol station and after a 90 min drive we were dropped at another petrol station. We searched for a good spot where all cars passed by and for the first time today we felt like we were lucky. Just after 30 minutes some crazy in love couple picked us up. They weren’t going all the way to Vienna, but at least they could bring us some kilometers closer, so we accepted it! As soon as they dropped us we didn’t feel that lucky anymore, because this was just a very small village. Although they dropped us at the entrance of the highway to Vienna, there barely passed cars… With the sunset coming soon we were already looking for a place to put up the tent. As we really wanted to reach Vienna today we just waited some more with a sign in our hand. Just at the moment we didn’t expect it anymore a car stopped over! Already 3 man in the car they were glad to take us with them all the way to Vienna! It seemed they were international football scouts, awesome! They were talking in brazilian language and it seemed to be a discussion with someone they spoke to on the phone. The driver didn’t pay to much attention on speedometer and drove too fast… FLASH… Woops…

Around 10.30 pm we finally reached Vienna! We met Lorenzo in the hotel he works. We knew Lorenzo from couchsurfing, he slept at our place in Rotterdam with couchsurfing and now he was able to host us! It was good to see him again! From the hotel we went to his house and although it wasn’t a real exhausting day, we were glad to lay down in bed and sleep!

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