When we were in Vienna we heard about a good hitchhiking spot for going to Bratislava. It is just a one hour drive from Vienna, so we weren’t that rushed in the morning. We just took it easy and went to the petrol station we were told about. We just had the sign ready when a Polish couple already came to us to let us know that we could drive with them to Bratislava. Perfect!

Just one hour later we arrived in Bratislava, we dropped the backpack in the luggage room of a random hotel and went into the city. A beautiful city! Very colorful and well maintained. It isn’t a really big city, so we just spent the afternoon there and saw almost all the highlights. In June there was a street art festival, so the big drawings on all kind of buildings were still there. We are really into street arts and loved to see it!

For diner we wanted to eat something typical Slovak. In the middle of the centre we saw a cosy restaurant which served these kind of dished. They had a lot and we chose something good: Bryndzové halušky. This is a dish made from pieces of potato dough and mixed with some kind of sheep cheese cream. On top there is bacon and let’s eat! Although we had to add a little bit of salt for our taste, we really liked it a lot! 

After diner we went back to the hotel to pick up our backpack and went to our couchsurf address. Normally there lives a family, but the mother and kids were on holiday, to friends in Canada. The father just came home after a 10 hour drive from Croatia, but we were more than welcome! We slept in the kids room, in the bunkbed under a quilt cover with cartoon dinosaurs and cars! Too cute! These kids weren’t that old, but their room was full with travel souvenirs. A big map with all the things they had already seen, like the big ben, the grand canyon, the Taj Mahal and the Himalayas. Unbelievable and really, really cool!

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