Narodny Park

After a beautiful day in Bratislava we continued our trip to the North of Slovakia. We wanted to go to the National Park which had the name ‘Narodny Park’ according to google maps. So we made a sign with ‘Narodny Park’. We were picked up very fast for the first couple of kilometers. This old man dropped us at a petrol station aside the highway. Perfect spot.
Again we were holding the sign and some dude stopped over and tried to explain us something. But as we didn’t understand him we just showed google maps and he pointed at a place just under the park. Perfect!
When we sat in the car we both had to laugh a little bit. There were air fresheners every where! All different smells and different shapes. One of the air fresheners with an almost naked woman and another one in the shape of a dog. During his trip he stopped over to smoke a cigarette and buy some drinks. When he came back he also bought a drink for us: half a liter of Monster Energy drink! Holy moly, we usually just drink water, so when we didn’t even finish it we were bouncing like a bouncing ball! Normally Nanet has a hard time not falling a sleep during the rides, but today it wasn’t a problem at all to stay awake!

When we arrived in this village he dropped us at a good spot to continue our trip. Again it didn’t take long before someone picked us up and brought us again a little further. As the evening was coming in we decided to find a place for the tent and continue our trip to the Narodny park tomorrow. We walked just outside the town, crossed the railway and walked in the direction of the river. We found a beautiful spot just aside the river and just before the sun was set we were able to put up the tent and cook us a lovely meal! This is really the feeling we were looking for. In the middle of nowhere, feeling lucky with nothing. No electricity, no toilet or shower, just the two of us with our tent and a simple but good tasting meal. We washed the dishes in the river and went to bed early. We still felt the energy drink flowing through our veins as we were both just lying there without having the feeling of going to sleep! That gave us the chance to chat about our trip, our adventures and all the things we had done and seen. We really like the trip so far, even though it started totally different then we expected of course.

We met a lot of interesting people, never really felt unsafe and already saw so many things in Eastern Europe. We also spoke about Iceland, our big challenge. Kelly cycled every day 40-60 kilometers from home to work and back before we started our trip. But because of the surgery her condition is totally gone which will make it an even bigger challenge. But both of us are really willing to do it, even though people call us crazy we are doing this when the winter will come into Iceland. We have proper gear, rely on each other and we are both searching for our limits which we definitely will find during this trip. It won’t be easy, actually it will be really hard some times. But when we made it, these 3.000 kilometers through snowstorms and icy roads, we will be stronger and that is our ultimate goal

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