Chapter 2…

Yep, here we are, on Schiphol airport!

We came home on the 20th of July and spent a couple of days back home in the Netherlands. We used our time very well to prepare ourselves for our Iceland trip! As you probably already know we will cycle all around Iceland to raise money for the Dutch cancer foundation (KWF). So we cycled a lot! We did everything by bike, from Dordrecht (where Nanet’s parents live) to Middelharnis (where Kelly’s parents live), this is about 60 kilometers. We had to arrange soms things we didn’t think about in advance, like changing your telephone number for Did-ID. Because we didn’t use our old telephone number anymore we needed to create a new account, but as we don’t live in the Netherlands anymore we needed to get our activation code in Breda. Yes… All the time we have been busy every day with these kind of little stupid things! 

Of course we also enjoyed our time in the Netherlands a lot. We spent a lot of time with friends and family. My best friend got the key of her house, so I was able to help her with some paintings and the floor. It felt really good to be there at such an important time of her life!
We also had a lot of parties! Nanet’s mom turned 60 years old and we celebrated this well. It was also a good moment to say good bye to everyone who was there. And another party was for Kelly’s parents who were married already for 30 years! Also a very nice celebration with close friends and family.

Oh and of course we can not forget the European Championships for the Dutch soccer ladies! We timed our time in the Netherland very well! They just won the first game when we entered the Netherlands and we were able to see all the other matches AND THEY WON THE FINAL!!!! I am sooooooo proud!!!! 

So today was quite a hectic day. We woke up at 7 in the morning to pack our bags, test some bicycle saddles (yes we know it was maybe a little late for that, but the saddles were delivered late and in the weekend we really didn’t had any time for it!). We also needed to pack our bikes, which was a very big thing… We bought bubble wrap to pack the derrailleur, the brakes, the wheels and so on. We needed to take some parts off the bike to make sure it won’t get harmed during the flight and then we had to pack the bikes in a box. A big box! We had some space left to pack some luggage in the box too and that was it.

After we packed we took a fast shower and raced to oma to say good bye. This was quite a hard good bye, because we don’t know if we will see her again. That is some really weird thought, but it’s true. It is possible we don’t see her anymore, because we don’t know when we will return. Luckily oma is very smart and knows how to handle her Ipad, so we will definitely keep in touch with her!

We had diner in Dordrecht with all the parents, brother and even my aunt from Canada was here for a visit, which made it very special! After diner we went to the airport, dropped off our luggage and also said good bye to our parents when there dropped some tears. But that’s all part of it and now here we are… On Schiphol airport! This is where our big adventure really starts. Waiting for the plane to take off to Iceland, the land of fire and water. We are a little nervous, because we really don’t know what to expect from this cycling trip, but we are also very very excited! Iceland here we come!

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