3 days of adventure (Part 2)

Part 2 of 3 (check here for part 1)

When we woke up in the car it really felt like a new day with new chances. We both wanted to try wild camping again this night, but first we wanted to see more of the Maramures. First, we drove to the happy cemetery. It is a crazy place, because it is a cemetery and normally this isn’t something to be happy about. But in this place, they painted all the tombstones blue, wrote funny jokes on it and even the church is very colorful. So, they actually made it a happy place!
We drove some more to look for wooden churches, something very typical in this area of Romania. It didn’t take long before we found them and it is really amazing to see these things. They are made from top to bottom out of wood. Even the inside is almost fully made from wood. Just amazing! After this stop, we wanted to see the real Maramures and drove a little further looking for some small lonely houses. Finally, we were driving somewhere where we wanted to be. We just crossed a couple of houses and wanted to turn around to stop over at a safe place to make some pictures. At the moment we started to turn around there was nobody on this abandoned road, but as soon as we were turned just a little, a car came from behind us out of nothing, driving wayyy to fast and couldn’t get around us anymore. They hit our car and could barely keep their car on the road! Luckily they managed to do it, because on both sides of the road there were deep ditches and it wouldn’t end well if one of us would end up in there. We stopped the car and went out to check on the other car. Both cars were damaged at the front but all passengers were unharmed! When we tried to communicate, it seemed they didn’t speak any word English, so the only thing we could do was driving back to the nearest town and went to the police office. The police first heard out the Romanian people and then came to us. We didn’t say anything yet and we were blamed. Of course… What else did we think… Blaming Romanians in their own country? It didn’t feel at all as our mistake, but we didn’t have a choice. We called the rental company and they told us they would come over. We waited… And waited… And waited. Finally, after two hours he arrived. He told us we had two choices:
1. Let is all be investigated by the police, but then we would lose our drivers license for minimum of 3-6 months.
2. Act guilty, fill in a form and pay for the damage on our car.

This didn’t feel like a choice at all, as we didn’t want to lose our drivers license, so we decided to act guilty. It still didn’t feel right, but what else could we do? The man of the rental company helped us out very well, filled in all the forms, made sure we had another car to drive safely to a near town and even booked us a hotel to get through the night. We turned in the car a little earlier and decided to leave Romania the next day.


We have had some bad luck in this country… Kind of things with hospitals, surgery and car accidents… But still… We love this country! The nature is beautiful, the people are very kind and are always willing to help you out, even if you can’t really communicate with them. We have seen a lot of Romania, like the black sea, the capital city and the Western part. Out of all we both love Transylvania most. This is the part where you can find the most beautiful nature, the best mountains and some beautiful national parks. The public transport can’t reach everywhere, so we would suggest renting a car to see it all.
For travelers like us, Romania is really awesome! You can just camp everywhere, make a fire to cook and enjoy the sunset and sunrise. The police won’t bother as long as you make sure not leaving any footprints!  

  • Wooden churches in the Maramures

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