Video: Week 4 – More sheep than humans

This week was an incredible week. We had sunshine and rain, a lot of wind, but also days without wind, we had to climb a lot of mountains, but we also went down for a long time which felt so good! We even reached a speed of 36 km/h on a mountain road! We didn’t see a lot of people and we even had a time that we just saw one car in two days! In these two days we have seen over a 100 sheep, and the only thing we heard was: ‘Beeeeehh’. 

When we came out of the Highlands and we were cycling on asphalt again it felt very easy. We just did 15 kilometers on the asphalt road before we reached grandma’s camp side. This camp side is so good! There is a big heated barn with a lot of tables, chairs and couches. We can cook in there and lay back in the evening to watch a movie! The old lady, who runs the camp side, even allowed us to use her private washing machine for free! When I took a look in the washing machine there was still some underwear from her in it. I just ignored it and washed it with our clothes! I didn’t know what to do with it, so I returned the laundry basked with her underwear hidden away under the clothespins. We gave her some chocolates because we were so glad we could use the washing machine and she gave us a very big hug.

Well, to know more about last week, check out our video below! 

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