We are Kelly and Nanet, two travel addicts. As soon as we met we found out that we shared this passion for travelling. This is why we booked our first holiday together already after two weeks! Not much later we created a plan to make a trip around the world. Our love was growing stronger with every holiday and this made us realize that we didn’t want this trip ever to end.

Finally we sold our furniture, quit our jobs and packed our backpacks. Kelly used to be a financial controller and Nanet used to be a supply chain coordinator. During the years we worked we only had 25 days a year to travel. So, we felt relieved that we never had to think about this anymore! 365 days a year are the days we are travelling now! It feels free, it feels good, it feels like we don’t ever want anything else!

So, travelling is what we do now, what we do tomorrow and what we do forever during our endless trip around the world! We do believe travelling is more than hopping on and off planes and visiting one after another hotel. Travelling to us means getting in touch with local people, and give something back for what we received from them. This is why our mind is set to helping people and communities wherever we can. We want to accomplish this by using crowdfunding and the most important thing: we help with our own hands!

You can join our adventures, because we share it all on this website. If you like to be the first to know about our adventures, please add your e-mailaddress to the mailinglist on the homepage

Do you want to know which countries we already visited before we started this trip around the world? Check out our travel experience page.