Dreams? We are both real dreamers, but we do work hard to don’t let them be dreams forever! Some of our dreams already came true, look at our page bucketlist done to see how we did this!

Our dreams, which are still dreams, are listed on our bucketlist below!
– Sailing on a sailboat or cargo ship to cross a sea to another continent
– Cycling all around Iceland
– An expedition in the arctic
– Living totally self-sufficient for at least 10 days
– Travelling without spending any money
– Teach kids how to swim
– Visiting Machu Picchu (Peru)
– Teach English in a developing country
– Working on rice fields
– A trip with the transsiberian express
– Convert a Van to a Camper for a long trip
– Swimming with wale sharks
– Touring through the desert with camels
– Sandboarding
– Get a degree as skiing teacher
– Swimming with dolphins
– Doing a long hike for at least 150 km
– Snorkling in the Silfra rift (Iceland)
– Visiting Petra (Jordan)
– Rewarding a degree for diving instructor
– Walking over the Chinese wall
– Climbing a mountain higher than 3000m, with climbing wear
– Visiting yellow stone park
– Diving the Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

Ultimate dream
There is one thing we are both dreaming of already for a long long time
– Visiting Antartica by boat

Our dreams mentioned above give you a little impression of what we want to do during our trip. But we want to do many many more things! And don’t forget: Travelling gives you new dreams every day!